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Daily Bridal Advice

Don't Sweat the Guest List! 
 Set your numbers and plan accordingly! Brides tend to spend a lot of sleepless night terrorizing themselves over RSVP'S. The fact is there is absolutely no way of knowing EXACTLY who will show up...some say yes and then something comes up and they can't attend, while others say no or maybe and show up with a plus is out of your control...relax and focus on other areas of wedding planning. ‪#‎ILoveBrides‬ ‪#‎StressFreePlanning‬

Kids at Your Wedding!

Okay let's face it, kids love weddings too! They get to dress up, dance and eat CAKE! But at some point in the whole celebration, when they are tired of dancing and taking pictures, boredom sets in,parent's get frustrated because they really want to stay and have a good time, but I am a witness, when your child is ready to go, you have about a 20 second count down before they completely erupt in to full display of intolerance. Whew, it is both embarrasing and disappointing, because every parent knows the longer the reception the more fun, right?! Well, here is your Ace in the Hole! Designate a Kids ZONE! Set it apart from the reception (in the same room). Be sure to place it away from all exits and bathrooms, safety first! You could even rope it off (tastefully) and add a NO GROWNUPS sign to make them feel special. Fill it will all things kid. Start with a few lures in the snack department like, Lolliy Pops, cupcakes, applesauce pouches, chex mix, popcorn,etc (stay away from allergy foods with peanuts). Next Create the Fun, with puzzles, uno cards, coloring books/crayons, wordfinds, board games (checkers, connect four, and Tic Tac Toe),  and any other create activity you can think of that would keep a kid busy. Lastly, assign a adult to the area, just to keep watch and make sure everyone plays fair! With this you should have happy kids and parents at your reception!

The Heat is Here: Outdoor Wedding Safety Tips!

What better view for you and your guest than to have nature stand as your backdrop for your nuptials! Wedding season lands directly in the middle of the hottest weather of the year. With that being said you must be cautious of a  few things. While the idea of a warm sunny outdoor wedding is popular, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure your ceremony is not interrupted by a medical emergency. First creating shade for your guest would allow for comfort and keep the focus on the ceremony and not the heat. There are many ways to create shade; fabric and tulle are very popular and used often in weddings, drapping your guest seating area, creating a canopy would add an elegant touch to your ceremony. Don't forget to leave space for surrounding scenery to be viewed. Canopy umbrellas are in demand now, strategically placing these throughout your space would allow ample cover for guest. Lastly, hydrate your guest, offer complimentary water bottles as your guest are being seated. These simple gestures will ensure a safe and comfortable veiwing of your vows.